Case Study

Tuning waste incinerator units

Waste incineration is a widely used solution for reducing the waste final disposal problem and at the same time create added value in the form of energy.

The main problem in the waste incineration process is related to uncertainty and variations on the quality of the waste to be burned, not only due to intrinsic factors but also external factors such as
weather conditions and logistic factors as storage time before incineration.

The base-layer control optimization carried out with AptiTune allowed the client to operate the steam generator more stably, which not only increase steam delivery at a higher rate but also saves treatment chemicals and reduces material stress due to large variations on the
combustion side.

Learn in this case study:

  • How AptiTune can optimize the waste incinerator combustion process 
  • Which steps you can take to achieve stable incinerator conditions
  • What the results of the tuning effort are.

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