Case Study

Tuning interactive loops on a NGL gas plant with closed loop data

In this case study, a 2X2 (2 inputs, 2 outputs) interacting system is presented.

To identify the proper tuning parameters it is required to first identify the open loop models. In this example, an open loop model is identified using closed loop data. This exercise is highly useful to retune and increase the performance of struggling closed loop PID controllers without spending any time on open loop testing.

The identified model is further used in AptiTune to get one shot tuning parameters for the interacting system.

Learn in this case study:

  • How AptiTune can improve the operations of a NGL Recovery Gas plant
  • The workflow used by AptiTune to compute the proper PID settings
  • How AptiTune can compute PID settings that result in a reduction of slippage of NGL in sale gas and better plant performance by the rejection of disturbances in a quick and effective way.

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