Case Study

Tuning of cascade loops in single shot

Traditionally, for PID tuning of master and slave loop arranged in cascade control, the slave loop is tuned first with shorter rise time and then master loop is tuned by putting the slave in Auto mode and making few steps in its set point.

Whereas, In INCA Aptitune, optimal tuning of both the loops in cascade control can be achieved in single shot with one time step test and in very short time. 

The method is showed on a NGL recovery plant had a gas treatment unit for removal of H2S and CO2 from the sour gas feed.

Learn in this case study:

  • How AptiTune can optimize both master and slave controller in one shot on an NGL plant
  • Proper tuning of reflux flow and reflux drum level reduced the cycles in regenerator overhead temperature which stabilizes the regenerator operation and better control of lean amine loading.

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