Case Study

INCA MPC on urea plant of Yara Brunsbuttel

In this paper, a small introduction into the urea process and MPC systems is given.

Further, an overview of the specific implementation on the Brunsbüttel site is described together with its proven benefits. It is shown that applying the INCA MPC system on the urea plant offers more stability to the plant, maximizes the throughput and increases the overall yield.

Also, switching from 50% load to 100% load occurs faster and in a more stable way.

Learn in this case study:

  • How the INCA MPC system increased the production and efficiency of the Yara Brunsbuttel plant
  • How the INCA MPC system was even able to optimize the process transitions.

Discover how optimization of an urea plant can increase the production with more than 4% — download the case study.

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